FaunaDB is the only transactional NoSQL database that guarantees data correctness in global environments without operational complexity. Learn more about modern database best practices and distributed systems on our blog.

Connecting External Indexers and Data Pipelines

For this blog post, we’ll focus on the pattern to feed changes from FaunaDB's transactional data into a secondary data processing pipeline. The foundation of FaunaDB’s flexibility is our ability to integrate with the data ecosystem. The pattern illustrated here can be used to keep any system up to date with FaunaDB...

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Understanding Nothing (or NULL) in FaunaDB

This is the first post in an occasional blog series answering questions submitted by the developer community. Here, Fauna Senior Core Engineer John Miller, III, offers practical examples to help you understand the definition and benefits of NULL in FaunaDB compared to SQL. Want to know more about something in...

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Talk Video: Build A Serverless Distributed Ledger Without the Blockchain

Distributed databases offer better performance, more flexibility and richer security primitives than blockchain-based algorithms. Most contracts are signed by counterparties who know each other, and most business is not conducted anonymously. Real-world distributed ledger applications are better off using a transactional NoSQL database instead of writing bespoke blockchain algorithms. Using...

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Index Queries in FaunaDB

Most applications need to look up database records by attribute, for instance to find all customers in a given postal code, or to create a game leaderboard by listing players by high score. Without database indexes, these queries would have to examine every record in order to return the correct...

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Getting Started w/ FaunaDB: A Quick Start Guide

The steps below provide the most direct and quickest way to start using FaunaDB. In four minutes you’ll be able to set up your account, create a database and write values to it. Links are provided in the sections below for more detailed information. Sign upCreate a databaseGet an access...

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Defining Company Culture and Why It Matters

How can a company promote a healthy culture? What does that look like in practice? Is culture even important when it comes to the bottom line? These are salient questions in the tech industry that require honest reflection on a company’s values in order to find answers. As Fauna’s Head...

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How to Build A Distributed Ledger Without the Blockchain

The blockchain is inspiring a new generation of financial services innovation, but blockchain technology is often pressed into service when it’s not the best fit for requirements, for instance, as a distributed ledger. A distributed ledger allows participants at different sites to maintain shared transaction logs. It can function as...

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