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Can MongoDB really deliver ACID?

MongoDB has become a very popular database. To be quite honest, I hadn’t noticed MongoDB’s rise in popularity over the past few years. This is largely due to the fact that I had been on the transactional side of data management and MongoDB was clearly on the analytical/reporting side. MongoDB...

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Why strong consistency matters with event-driven architectures

Event-driven architectures are widely adopted patterns that model an application as a series of software components or services. Those services react to commands that represent business and/or user actions and result in events. Event-driven architectures help modern applications solve the challenges of scalability, auditability / traceability and immutability. These architectures...

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Introduction to FaunaDB Clusters

FaunaDB is a mission critical, NoSQL database architected specifically for operationally distributed environments. The database focuses on six key principles: ACID transactions, global scale, reliability, operational simplicity, security and developer friendliness.   FaunaDB was built to scale horizontally within a datacenter for maximizing throughput while spanning globally distributed sites easily -...

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