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Defining Company Culture and Why It Matters

How can a company promote a healthy culture? What does that look like in practice? Is culture even important when it comes to the bottom line? These are salient questions in the tech industry that require honest reflection on a company’s values in order to find answers. As Fauna’s Head...

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How to Build A Distributed Ledger Without the Blockchain

The blockchain is inspiring a new generation of financial services innovation, but blockchain technology is often pressed into service when it’s not the best fit for requirements, for instance, as a distributed ledger. A distributed ledger allows participants at different sites to maintain shared transaction logs. It can function as...

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Achieving ACID Transactions in a Globally Distributed Database

One of the features of FaunaDB that has generated the most excitement is its strongly consistent distributed ACID transaction engine. In this post we’ll explain how FaunaDB’s Calvin-inspired transaction engine processes ACID transactions in a partitioned, globally distributed environment, and how you can take advantage of them in your applications...

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FaunaDB Enters the Enterprise

Today we are excited to announce the preview release of FaunaDB Enterprise. With this release, FaunaDB’s modern query features and operational capabilities are available for deployment anywhere: developer workstations, on-premises datacenters, public clouds, private clouds, or hybrid configurations. This preview release represents years of design, development, and maturation of FaunaDB by a...

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