Diversity is an interesting contemplation for me. As the Director of Recruiting, it is always a pressing concern: how can I bring a variety of different ideas, perspectives, histories, and cultures together to draw out the best in the team? As a woman in a male-dominated industry, an immigrant, and a member of an ethnic and religious minority, the question has always been: will I fit in?

Both of these thoughts swirled in my head when I first started at Fauna. I was transitioning from a cross-country move to a city I had never lived in. I was familiar with Fauna’s commitment to diversity; it was part of the reason I joined the team. But “diversity” has so many meanings to different organizations. For some, it is fulfilling a quota of “x” people” in “y” positions, or “z” years. For others, it is ensuring that every voice is heard, every view is seen, and every food is tasted (Thank you, San Francisco!). As you may be able to tell, Fauna is most certainly the latter.

One insight into the diverse culture comes from my own experience. Moving to San Francisco, and subsequently leaving behind friends and family in New York City, was a risky decision. As with any new employment, I had to worry about understanding the jokes, the local events, the great spots for lunch – only with the added fear of being in a brand new city. Of course, it wasn’t long before I showed my lack of knowledge. I stared blankly when someone quoted a movie that everyone else in the office clearly knew.

“It’s from Office Space.”

“Oh… I haven’t seen it.”


Different companies I have worked for, and people I have worked with proceed from here in various ways. At Fauna, the entire team rallied around to organize a screening of the film. What could have easily turned into a moment of exclusion became one of inclusion. This moment, and the many others that followed, solidified that I had come to the right place. Where others may create walls, Fauna builds bridges. It fosters what so many other places try to: a team.

At Fauna, diversity not only matters, it is celebrated. You can find more information about how Fauna celebrates diversity in the diversity statement on our jobs page.

“We know that diverse teams are strong teams, and we welcome those with alternative identities, backgrounds, and experiences. Our team includes women, men, mothers, fathers, the self-taught, the college-educated, and people of various races, nationalities, ages, and socio-economic backgrounds.”

Fauna sets a new standard for inclusion by setting a precedent that focuses on diversity early in the company’s development. Doing so has resulted in a socially aware and conscious organization. Our core values extend from our work life, to our home life, by providing time for parents and caregivers to tend to familial obligations, and time to recharge. At Fauna, we are a team – a team that can sit together after work and watch some 90’s movies that will forever be culturally relevant, minus the TPS reports.

By the way, Office Space? It was a great movie.

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